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Starts Monday 27th NOVEMBER - takes you right up to 23rd December!

NOW ONLY €39 (was €49)


Don't wait until January to start, what's stopping you from starting now?? Even if you feel 1% better isn't that better than 0% or feeling even worse about yourself!! You could be ahead of the game by making some small changes in the upcoming weeks!! DO THIS FOR YOUR HAPPINESS & CONFIDENCE!

  • Do you want to feel & look better for Christmas and finally be happy within yourself??
  • Do you want to learn how to allow for social events, drinks, yummy party food without the guilt all while still seeing results?? Do you want to be able to eat Roses and drink Mulled wine AND still lose body fat???
  • Do you want an education you can use for the rest of your life rather than just a plan you use for 6 weeks to get fast results and then you rebound and put it all back on?

If you answered yes to any of those questions this is for you!!

βœ… 3-5 full body 25-30 minute workouts per week. Gym option requires dumbbells or barbells only and HOME requires no equipment at all, just yourself 😝
βœ… Video demos of all exercises to ensure you're performing the exercises correctly and preventing any injuries
βœ… Simple easy to follow nutrition guidelines and how to calculate your macros if that is what you wish to start doing!
βœ… Only eating foods you love and enjoy - think chocolate, cheese and bread all included πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜ All the CHRISTMAS TREATS are allowed (in moderation of course!!)
βœ… Intolerances/Allergies/dietary requirements can be worked around no problem (i.e. Dairy, gluten, eggs, grains, vegetarian etc) as you choose the foods you eat!!
βœ… Mindset & goal setting information and support as you have to first change the mind before you can change the body
βœ… FREE Recipe EBOOK with over 25 delicious & easy healthy recipes that have been tried and tested.


βœ… Christmas treats cheat sheet with all the nutritional info of your fave things

βœ… Christmas drinks cheat sheet to get you through all those parties

βœ… How to build up calories for special events, parties etc without depriving yourself

βœ… How to work out the nutritional value of meals when eating out

βœ… Morning after the night before "cure" foods/meals that are super yummy and feel so naughty but they're really nice ;) 

All this for ONLY €39 (was €49) πŸ˜± Am I mad to give this much info away for such a low price? I wanted to make the plan affordable to everyone and at this price that's the cost of a few drinks out at the weekend 😳