'Clean' in Capri

I know I haven’t written a post in a couple of weeks but work has been pretty busy and then I was on holidays with my family for my Dad’s birthday. Myself, my sister and my parents jetted off to the lovely Island of Capri just off the coast of Naples, Italy. It was an amazing trip with lots of delicious food, relaxation, great weather, family time and some great walks with the most spectacular views. It really was breath-taking.

During this trip, I relaxed my clean-eating and just enjoyed myself. I enjoyed some of the most amazing food I have ever eaten, and everything was just so fresh and delicious, and for me eating fresh, tasty food that is prepared just for you, with nothing processed or out of a box/packet is still clean-eating. It may not be what some people would consider ‘clean’ but for me it is all about moderation and still enjoying myself. I am not the type of person who will say I am never going to eat pasta or ice cream ever again because it is not ‘clean’. That, to me, is just not a realistic or sustainable way of life.

Some examples of the food I ate included some of the most amazing Caprese salads I have ever eaten; the tomatoes are just so full of flavour, unlike any tomatoes I have ever eaten here or in the US. And the mozzarella is made fresh every day, and is just so delicious. Everything is made with such care and with the absolute freshest ingredients possible.

I enjoyed several pasta dishes, and in Italy pasta is served as a starter/primi plate, but I did enjoy it as a main course a few times. My all-time favourite dish during the whole trip was a very simple spaghetti al pomodoro (pasta with fresh tomatoes), which I had as a starter on my very first night. It was so simple but made with the freshest ingredients; tomatoes, basil, olive oil and garlic. This dish was so good that we went back to this restaurant for lunch on our last day and of course I had to have this pasta again. I had kept hoping that another dish would live up to the amazingness of this pasta but nope, this was the BEST dish I had for the entire holiday.

The best Spaghetti al Pomodoro in the world

The Gelato is another story! There was this small shop just off town square that made fresh waffle cones to order. They had a great selection of ice creams and sorbets, which were absolutely delicious, and the warm waffle cone just made it taste so much better. Some of my favourite flavours included the Noccietella which was a chocolate hazelnut flavour (think Clean Nutella) and then the passion fruit sorbet was amazing!

Fresh hot waffle cone with Italian Gelato

From reading above you probably think all I did was eat, but I did also go on some amazing walks. In Capri, there are no cars, so you have to walk everywhere and our hotel was about a 20 minute walk to the town square (piazzetta) where all the restaurants and shops are, so we did that walk about twice a day for lunch and again for dinner. Another big walk we did was on our first day we walked the Arco Naturale which included over 1000 steps, and a lot of uphill, and when we got to the top the view was just amazing, definitely worth all the walking. Some other great walks we did included the 20 minute trip to the beach club La Fontalina, which was another (steep downhill) walk with great views. It really is just such a beautiful island.

La Fontelina Beach Club
Lunch overlooking a vineyard
Coming up in my next post I will be documenting the 3 day juice cleanse that I will be starting tomorrow! I have always wanted to do a juice cleanse to see what its like so wish me luck!!