Your Life (And Your Sanity) Aren't A Limited-Time Offer

> A little about me <


Hello I’m Lucy!

 I'm extremely passionate about helping women ditch debilitating vicious circles in order to find true happiness within by guiding them towards a lifestyle that is honest, mindful, and enjoyable.

Why? Because I’ve done it myself! For over 15 years, I battled with self-catastrophic demons that almost took my life. Following a whole lot of soul-searching, truth telling and self-developing, I am now blessed to be in a position where I can educate, empower and inspire other women to do exactly the same!

Follow my continued journey and I promise you that together, we can achieve self-confidence, self-trust and self-love.


When Georgia asked me to put together a little guest post for you, it wasn’t all that hard because we share a lot of the same views within the world of health and fitness :)

One of them being that damn sexy word… moderation.

So let’s cut to the chase!

How often do we actually apply moderation to our lifestyles? That true, middle ground, the icky grey bit in the middle? That bit between the on/off, black/white, yes/no mentality to lifestyle?

The truth is… Not all that much!

All around us, every single day, we’re bombarded with extremism, with dogma, with a do/don’t list, a banned list, the magical meal plan, the miraculous exercise plan…

Unfortunately, this type of mindset induces a whole lot of anxiety and provokes feelings of guilt, panic and even shame around lifestyle choices. It encourages us to be engaged in a negative cycle of reward and punishment, beating ourselves for things we perceive matter when in the grand scheme of things, are completely insignificant. 

This type of mindset essentially prevents us from living a truly happy and fulfilled life cos we spend so much darn time fluctuating between the do and the don’t that we miss the fact we could have it all in the middle!

Do we need to have had issues and suffered from serious issues like eating disorders, food anxiety, body image, confidence etc in order to have a less than positive relationship with lifestyle choices? Absolutely not.

If I'm entirely honest and in my objective opinion as a health & lifestyle professional, I have very rarely come across women who have a completely emotionally-free relationship with their lifestyle habits.

Think about it.

How many times have you heard people talk of having not being able to stop at 4 squares of chocolate but rather end up gorging on the whole bar because ‘well I’ve messed up now anyway’. How many times have you heard ‘oh I best get to to gym cos I have to work off that bottle of wine’ or ‘hmm shouldn’t have that, I’ve heard it’s bad for you’.

It’s become so normal to be engaged in these type of conversations and to be exhibiting these types of behaviours that you’re in the minority when you make lifestyle choices that are emotionally liberating, free of anxiety, free of shame… and well because you want to rather than because you feel you have to.

So what can we actually DO to overcome worry, stress, anxiety and guilt surrounding our lifestyle choices, our eating habits, our exercise patterns?

Beat the BS

Whilst I support that we need to look internally and focus on ourselves as opposed to what others are saying and doing, I find that general misinformation and poor education is a huge driver in negative lifestyle habits. Once you are faced with cold, hard and indisputable facts and figures, you have nowhere to hide. You have no excuses left to give and no fallbacks for your flawed belief systems. Some common BS offenders include ‘sugar is bad for you’, ‘carbs after 6 make you fat’ and ‘it’s healthy, calories don’t matter’. Check Yo Facts!

Acknowledge there's no finish line

We get so caught up in the end 'result' of something that we start to put dates, timeframes and restrictions on ourselves before we’ve even overcome the first hurdle. Yes, it's great to have goals and to smash them, but what then? Do you go back to before or do you keep up what you did to get there? Try to think of lifestyle choices as a dimmer switch, a little project in the background that everyday you get better at rather than something that has an on/off button.

Realise that failure is flawed

That point where you have 2 biscuits but tell yourself 'ah whatever, I've messed up now, so I might as well have the whole pack'? It's flawed. It's wrong. You're wrong!!! Say this out loud - 'I HAVE FAILED/MESSED UP MY DIET BECAUSE I ATE 2 BISCUITS'. How ludicrous is it?! Failure implies a single event, a single moment in your life's history where you fucked up and made a mistake. Is eating 2 biscuits out of an average of over 80 meals a month really all that much a failure? It’s only a failure because you choose to give it value as that.Look at the bigger picture - when you look at the grand scheme of things, you start to realise what's important and what's not. Have the damn biscuit, enjoy it and move on.  You are more likely to binge on something if you sit and ponder and end up associating guilt with it - research has proven it time and time again. The chances are that once you accept 2 biscuits are not a big deal, you won't even care about the rest. Tesco and McVities aren't going anywhere  - they will ALWAYS be there and they will ALWAYS wanna make money. Life (and your sanity) however, aren't a limited time offer.

Invest in a coach

You may feel uneasy asking for help and you may even feel that you can do it yourself. But the question is, wouldn’t you already be doing it? I promise you, the ONLY way you are going to truly flourish is by learning off of someone who has done it and is currently doing it better than you. Not only is experience central to you getting the results that you want, but it also acts as a short cut. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to? We can learn directly off each others’ mistakes!

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