7 Tips to Increase your Protein Intake


Hey everyone,

I get asked a lot by clients and followers (not sure I like that word... maybe lets call you guys friends instead) how do I eat so much protein and how can I increase my protein intake? Well here are my few tips on how to easily increase your protein intake without drinking 5 protein shakes a day!

1. Double your meat portions at main meals. ie. have two chicken breasts instead of one, have two eggs instead of one. 

2. Add extra egg whites to your whole eggs when making omelettes and scrambled eggs. 100g egg whites contains 10g protein.

3. Greek yogurt will be your new best friend - adding it to smoothies and shakes can really increase your protein intake. 100g of Greek yogurt has 10g protein so having a 200g bowl of yogurt with some berries as a snack will give you 20g protein!

4. Try and get a good amount of protein in at the beginning of the day with something like eggs, turkey sausages, turkey bacon, smoked salmon, or ham. 

5. Swap your carb heavy snacks for protein filled snacks such as slices of chicken or ham wrapped up with some light cream cheese. 

6. If you find buying meat expensive - shop in butcher factory stores such as Kerrigan's or the Dublin Meat Company and buy in bulk and freeze. You can get 30 chicken fillets for €30, and 20 eggs for €4 these days! Don't tell me protein is too expensive - I don't accept that excuse, just shop smart and shop where the deals are. You may not be eating fillet steak every night but you can certainly still eat some good quality protein sources while on a budget. 

7. Plan ahead, plan your meals so you can get a rough idea of the amount of protein per meal and then you can see if you need to increase certain things by maybe adding a little more chicken to your dinner or adding some extra egg whites to your breakfast.

Hope all these small tips help you in increasing your protein intake!

Georgia xxx