Struggling to lose fat???

Hey everyone,

I quickly broached this topic over on my Facebook and Instagram recently and I wanted to delve more into it. A lot of people say they are struggling to lose fat and say they are hitting their calories and macros to a tee, but are they really?? There are a lot of foods out there that are so calorie dense that even just a small amount over what you are logging can put you off course.

The difference between 15g and 25g of nut butter is roughly 64 cals cals 1g carb, 6g fat and 2 g protein but if you are having this every day for a week that is 448 calories more than you thought you were consuming which can really impede your progress. I know the 64 calories may not seem like a lot on one day but when you add it up over the course of a week it really is.

The actual difference to the naked eye of 15g and 25g of nut butter is minimal so you really do need to be measuring it with a food scales and not just guessing a tablespoon or teaspoon - you are much more likely to go overboard this way than if measuring it to the gram. The same goes for other fat sources such as nuts, seeds and oils.  I've found the easiest way to measure nut butters and oils is to place the jar on the food scales and zero it out and then remove your 15g from the jar so that it is 100% accurate. 

Another thing people do that could be really stopping them from losing fat is free pouring oil into a pan - they may think"oh but that's only a tiny amount" when in fact its 120 calories worth of oil!!! Always measure your oil or do what I did and invest in these re-fillable spray bottles from Lidl for €4.99 so you really are only using a tiny amount of oil when cooking or dressing a salad.

I personally find using oils to be a bit of a waste of my fat macros as they are not filling or satisfying in any way. I for one prefer to eat foods that will satisfy me so I would rather eat nut butters instead of cooking with a load of oil. The other thing you could do instead of using oil is to invest in a good non-stick frying pan - I have 2 from Ikea that are the best, I don't ever use oil when I'm making protein pancakes on them and they come out perfectly and don't stick! A very good investment in my opinion.

Til next time lovelies xxx