What does 20g protein look like?

Getting in enough protein is something a lot of people struggle with and it's mainly due to lack of education as to how much protein is really in certain foods. The recommended amount of protein per day for fat loss is around 0.8-1.2g per pound of bodyweight, this helps ensure you maintain muscle mass while also ensuring you are feeling full as protein has the highest satiety rate of all macro nutrients.

Many are confused as to what a "good" source of protein is, while you may be lead to believe that say nuts are a good source of protein you'd have to eat over 400 calories worth of them to get the same amount of protein as 99 calories of chicken breast so the "better" source of protein really depends on whether you have the extra calories to spare to have the nuts or not.

Here is a short list I compiled of what 20g protein looks like in terms of foods and the calories they have:

  • 90g raw turkey mince - 95 calories 
  • 25g whey protein powder - 98 calories
  • 90g raw chicken breast - 99 calories
  • 200g egg whites - 100 calories
  • 110g raw white fish - 100 calories
  • 200g 0% plain Greek yogurt - 112 calories
  • 100g raw 5% lean beef mince - 123 calories
  • 100g smoked salmon - 172 calories
  • 100g raw salmon fillet - 179 calories
  • 1 Fulfil protein bar - 190 calories 
  • 100g raw 15% fat beef mince - 196 calories
  • 3 large eggs - 270 calories
  • 270g cooked red lentils - 284 calories 
  • 290g red kidney beans - 338 calories 
  • 70g natural peanut butter - 413 calories

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