My Quest to Clean

This is my first ever blog, started at the request of some friends (you know who you are) as I seem to be coming up with healthy alternatives to foods that we all love but aren’t exactly great for us. I enjoy cooking, baking and developing new recipes and that is what this blog will be about; my journey to eat as clean as possible and to help others do the same along the way. I am by no means a clean eating freak, and do enjoy foods such as chocolate, cakes and all those delicious things, but I do enjoy experimenting with cooking and baking and finding alternative ways to make a dish healthy and clean.

People have different definitions of clean; - some think that by eating dairy products you are not eating clean, but for me, it is not about excluding entire food groups, it is about eating the best food possible but being realistic at the same time. In other words, eating as few processed foods as possible and cooking from scratch with natural and healthy ingredients. I know it is not always possible to eat clean, but it is always possible to eat as clean as you can with what is available around you.

On this blog I will be sharing recipes for some of my clean eats, and maybe some not so clean eats, so for all you super clean eating advocates out there, you can avert your eyes to those particular posts. I will also be sharing any interesting food finds and restaurants that have delicious and healthy foods. So I do hope that you enjoy and embrace my quest to eating as clean as possible, some of you may even join me on my way!