Some of my Favourite Clean Eating Foods Part 2

Following on from my post last week (find last weeks post here), I will continue with some of my favourite clean eating foods. This time it's about foods I use for baking, cooking or as a quick nutritional boost to add to things. 

Chia Seeds

I use chia seeds as a way of adding some fibre and healthy fats into my diet. They also have the added benefit of making you feel fuller for longer as they expand when mixed with liquid. I find them a great addition to porridge or yoghurt. 

They don't really have a taste and you only need to add about 1 tsp to get the benefits. Each tsp is only around 20 calories. If you don't like the texture of seeds, they come in a milled variety which is more of a fine powder. 

Chia seeds have become more widely available and are now available in most large supermarkets. I bought this bag for €9.99. I bought it at the start of the year and still have plenty left, so they do go a long way. 

I keep a small baggie of them in my desk drawer in work to add to my breakfasts of either porridge or yoghurt. 

Something I really want to try making is chia pudding, I have heard great things about it and it is definitely on my list of things to make soon.

Cacao Powder

I have already used this cacao powder in some of my previous recipes such as my CleaNutButter Cups and my Clean Nutella

It is a great alternative to regular cocoa powder as it doesn't have any added sugar so it has a very pure dark chocolate taste. 

You could try subbing this for regular cocoa powder when you are making brownies, cookies or even a delicious hot chocolate; just to give them a slight healthy twist. I know everyone enjoys their treats every once in a while and sometimes you just have to treat yourself to that odd brownie or cookie. 

This is available from health food stores and costs around €3.99 .

Coconut Oil

This is a healthy alternative to some other oils and butter. It has a unique combination of fatty acids that have some great health benefits that include fat loss and improved brain function.

I have used it to make my CleaNutButter Cups. It works well for those things that you want solid at room temperature such as my CleaNutButter Cups as unlike other oils it is solid at room temperature.  

It is also great for frying eggs, or sautéing vegetables. Just use it like you would olive oil. 

Some non-food uses include as a skin moisturiser and even as hair conditioner. 

Just make sure to get the extra virgin coconut oil and not refined coconut oil to ensure you get all the health benefits. Coconut oil is now also widely available in supermarkets and health food shops, a 500ml tub will set you back around €6.99.