Foodie Tour of Dublin

Myself and my mum decided to do our own little foodie tour in Dublin this weekend. There have been a few places I have been wanting to try and so we went to a few of them this weekend. Our tour included visiting the market in Temple Bar, lunch in Staple Foods, and fro-yo in Yogism while also visiting some other establishments such as health food stores and a delightful chocolate shop.

Our day started out with a visit to Down to Earth health food store on South Great George's St. I picked up some buckwheat flour to make some delicious buckwheat pancakes with. It was a great store, with lots of interesting health foods.

We next went to the Temple Bar food market where we picked up a few things to go with the delicious tuna steaks my mum had gotten for us to have for dinner. We got a loaf of country sourdough bread and some mixed leaves and herbs. These mixed leaves were some of the best I have ever tasted, such a difference to supermarket bagged salads; these leaves actually had flavour. 



For lunch we stopped in Staple Foods, which has just recently relocated to Crow Bar on Curved St. in Dublin 2. They specialise in paleo and vegan food. My mum and I decided to share two dishes since we couldn't decide what to have. We shared the smoked ham hock with lime and basil guacamole and apple and cranberry slaw and then the vegan falafel sandwich. Both of these were absolutely delicious but the star for me was the smoked ham hock and guacamole; the apple and cranberry slaw that was served with it was quite spicy so I didn't enjoy that part as much but my mum loved it. The falafel was baked and coated in sesame seeds and served in a seven grain bread roll which was delicious. I would highly recommend this place to everyone, not just those who are eating paleo or vegan. It is so reasonably priced, the lunch for myself and my mum was only €15. 
Smoked ham hock with lime and basil guacamole served on a bed of leaves and apple and cranberry slaw
Vegan falafel served with hummus on a 7 grain bread roll
Cleaned the plate

Our next stop on the tour was Cocoa Atelier to pick up some macarons for dessert this evening, both my mum and I went for the salted caramel and then I went for passion fruit and my mum chose violet, rose and mango as her second macaron. 

Yogism was our final stop. It is in George's Street Arcade and is self-serve and so you dole out your own yoghurt and toppings and then it is pay by weight; however, they have a game whereby if you correctly guess the exact weight of your yoghurt, you get it for free.  I unfortunately didn't guess correctly and didn't think that anyone would ever guess theirs exactly right, but as I was sitting there enjoying my dessert, a young boy managed to guess his correctly! 

There were four fro-yo flavours to choose from: peanut butter, passion fruit, chocolate and natural. I went for a bit of peanut butter, passion fruit and chocolate and topped them with a little crushed Oreos, white and dark chocolate chips and a sneaky half peanut butter cup. I also threw on a few fresh raspberries for good measure. It was absolutely delicious and a great 'sort of clean' treat.