UPDATED Protein Pancakes with Blueberries

I posted a protein pancake recipe last August but I am always playing around with it and tweaking it and I think I have found the absolute PERFECT recipe now. 

I love making these at the weekend and they are super filling and come in at under 300 calories for the entire recipe! You can make so many different varieties and flavours depending on what protein powder you use. The toppings are also endless, so use your imagination and tag me on Instagram @georgiasfitlife with your creations! 


Makes 6 small pancakes (I eat the entire batch myself)

2 large egg whites

50g greek yoghurt or cottage cheese

20g oats

20g whey protein powder

1 tsp baking powder

40g blueberries

Butter/coconut oil or non stick spray


1. Whisk the egg whites until fluffy (I just added them to the Nutri-Bullet first and blitzed, then added the other ingredients).

2. Add in the oats, greek yoghurt/cottage cheese, protein powder and baking powder and blitz until smooth. 

3. Heat a frying pan on low heat and I added a small amount of real butter, but you can use coconut oil or non-stick spray, whatever you want to use just to stop them sticking to the pan. 

4. I make my pancakes in 2 batches so 3 pancakes each time. 

I keep my first batch warm in the oven while I am making the second lot. 

Each pancake should be about the size of the palm of your hand. Once you have poured the batter into the pan add about 4 blueberries to the top of each pancake. Flip the pancakes after about 2-3 minutes, they should be almost cooked through and just need browning on the other side. 

5. To serve the pancakes I heat some Walden Farms Pancake Syrup in the microwave and then drizzle over the top. Absolute perfection.

This recipe is gluten free and sugar free.