The Post Workout Shake Alternative - Protein Pancakes

After a workout I like to include carbs and protein in my post workout meal. Normally I'd have a protein shake and a bowl of cereal but as an alternative I decided to make some pancakes as I was craving them. This recipe made 7 pancakes yes 7!!!!


  • 50g plain flour (you could use oats if you wanted)
  • 30g Quest peanut butter protein (I think the trick to perfect pancakes is the combo of whey and casein this protein has, it allows for thick fluffy pancakes)
  • 50g Greek yogurt
  • 35g egg whites (1 large egg white)
  • 50-100ml almond milk (depends on the protein powder you use and how thick you want the batter to be)
  • 1 tsp baking powder


 1. Mix all ingredients in a Nutribullet or blender.  The amount of milk needed will vary depending on the protein powder you use so add a little and then see how you get on and then you can add more if needed. 

2. Heat a non stick pan on low - a good non-stick pan is key to good protein pancakes, I don't add any oil to the pan for these. I got my pan in Ikea for about €30 and it is one of my most used kitchen items!

3. I use about 1/4 cup batter for each pancake and cook on each side for about 2 minutes, you'll know its time to flip them when small bubbles start to appear on the top. 

Macros 350 cals 43C/3F/37P - the macros will vary depending on the protein powder and amount of milk used. 

8 Tips to Weekend Proof Your Diet

We all know staying on track at the weekends can be the hardest. You’ve been so good all week, eating healthy and hitting your macros, but then Friday lunchtime comes around and the work crew are saying "ah sure we’ll go out to lunch" and your prepped lunch in the fridge gets chucked in the bin. We’ve all been there, but did you know that from Friday lunchtime to Sunday evening is 35% of your week?  So if you go off track for the weekend, you’re not giving it 100% and no wonder you aren’t seeing the results you want.


A few tips I use to stay on track at the weekends are:


1.     Get into a routine, wake up at the same time, eat your meals at the same time, hit the gym, get a good night’s sleep. Don’t use the weekend as an excuse to let your routine go off track. If you have a good routine going during the week, stick to it at the weekends!!

2.     Plan your gym sessions – make a date with a friend to hit the gym, you’re much more likely to go if you’ve made a plan with someone else!! Make plans with friends and instead of always meeting for coffee or drinks, try something different such as indoor rock climbing. or ice skating. Even make a date with friends to go for a walk or cycle is better than sitting around drinking coffee!! Think activity during your weekend!!

3.     Prep your meals in advance – even inputting the meals you’re going to have in MyFitnessPal can keep you on track.

4.     If you are going out to eat – look up the menu online and see what you can have, good options are usually grilled chicken, fish, steak, salads (dressing on the side), asking for extra chicken in your salad etc., getting a burger without the bun, skipping the fries (I know - no fun, but if you want 100% of the results you need to put in 100% of the effort).

5.     Skip the alcohol if possible – this can stall fat loss for days after consumption and can increase appetite leading to the late night pizza or kebab shop run. Who wants to wake up with a half eaten kebab next them?? No thanks...

6.     If skipping the alcohol isn’t an option – choose 1 night from the weekend and enjoy 2-3 drinks, choosing lower calorie options like spirits with zero calorie mixers (diet drinks, soda water, fresh lime/lemon). Drink a glass of water in between each drink. If I’m going out with my friends and I’m not drinking, I tend to get a sparkling water with fresh lime, as it still looks like an alcoholic drink so people tend to ask fewer questions, which is usually the cause of discomfort for those non-drinkers out there.

7.     If you have friends who just want to eat junk and are trying to force you to eat the junk with them, explain to them you are trying to be healthy and if they still make fun and jokes then maybe you should re-consider your friendship. Friends are supposed to be supportive and help you.

8.     If having a night in, instead of the usual chips/dip and bottle of wine, why not go for some homemade dips with veggies such as these here (Greek Yogurt YT video) and some sparkling water with fresh lime. Make healthy alternatives to your favourites, use greek yogurt instead of sour cream and you’ve cut the fat way down and increased the protein content (win win!!!)


These are all small, simple tips you can implement into your life and make it that bit easier to stay on track at the weekends.


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Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Hi everyone!

I get asked all the time what the best foods are to have pre and post workout. Let me first off say there are no "best foods" for anything, it is all about total daily intake, macro and micro nutrient targets and personal preference. I will however give some guidelines on how to prepare meals that will be most optimal for energy, performance and recovery. 

Pre workout nutrition

There are differing views on pre workout nutrition - some say high protein, high fat, and others say high carb and low fat. This is a personal preference and what works for you, experiment with both and see which you perform better at the gym with. I personally perform better with a protein and carb meal pre-training so I would eat things such as egg white oats, rice cakes, greek yogurt, whey protein. The ideal amount will completely vary depending on your size, a 120lb female is going to need to eat significantly less than a 200lb male. You want to eat enough so that you are fuelled for your session but not so full that you fall into a carb coma. Eating your pre workout meal 1-2 hours prior to working out is ideal as it gives the food time to settle a little before you begin your workout.

The goals of PRE workout nutrition are to:

  • Reduce muscle glycogen depletion.

  • Reduce muscle protein breakdown.

  • Reduce post workout cortisol levels.

Sample meal ideas

1. Bagel slim with ham/chicken

2. Oats and whey protein "proats"

3. Chicken and basmati rice

4. Rice cakes and greek yogurt with berries

5. Greek yogurt and granola


post workout nutrition

Post workout nutrition is possibly the most important meal of the day, it should be eaten as soon as convenient in order to aid muscle recovery. There is no ideal window, but most people would be quite hungry after a training session so would want to eat straight away. Don't worry your muscles won't go all catabolic and you won't lose all your gains if you don't get your protein within 2.5 seconds of finishing your workout. Just eat as soon as you can when you finish. A post workout meal should include protein and carbs while fats should be kept to a minimum as they can interfere with protein synthesis. The ideal post workout meal macros will again vary depending on your weight and size, protein could be anywhere between 20-40g and carbs 40-60g; a ratio of roughly 2:1 of carbs to protein which can help replenish glycogen stores and bring protein into the muscle for optimal repair and recovery. It is not a must to have a protein shake post workout, you can opt to get your protein from other sources such as chicken, beef, turkey, or greek yogurt. 

The goals of POST workout nutrition are to:

  • Replenish muscle glycogen levels that were expended during exercise

  • Reduce muscle protein breakdown caused by training

  • Increase muscle protein synthesis.

  • Reduce muscle soreness and fatigue ie. DOMS

  • Enhance overall recovery.

  • Reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Sample meal ideas

1. Whey protein shake and a large banana blended into a smoothie

2. Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with honey and a whey protein shake

3. Chicken, sweet potato and asparagus

4. Turkey Mince and sweet potato (can be made into burgers, meat balls or a bolognese sauce)

5. Tuna with pasta

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SMART Goal Setting

Hey everyone!


It's the middle of January and I am freezing my butt off and the last thing I want to do is leave my cosy bed to go and train (or even go downstairs to my office and work for that matter... its just too darn cold). But guess what, I get up anyway... why you may ask.. because I have goals I want to achieve and you don't get anywhere in life by sitting on your butt (except maybe on an plane going to a nice hot country... which I could do with right about now). You have to GET UP and WORK for what YOU want!!


At the beginning of January I set myself a few goals for 2016 which I will share will you later on in the post, but I also set myself monthly and weekly goals. Smaller goals that will help me to achieve my 2016 yearly goals. 


Setting goals can be a daunting task but if you want to be successful and to achieve things in your life you have to have goals, whether they be big or small.

In order to set goals you should follow SMART goal setting (any business student will know what I'm talking about here...), you also need to write them down with a pen and paper (very old school I know but trust me on this, they become more real if you physically write them rather than type them).

Specific - Don't say I'm going to get fit, say I'm going to go to the gym 3 times a week. Getting fit is such a broad term, so make the goal more specific. Ask yourself the who, what, why, where, when, which questions!

Measurable - Is your goal measurable?? Again using the "Get fit" goal.. how are you going to measure whether you have achieved this goal... is it by lifting a certain weight in gym, running a 5k, or simply just being able to go for a long walk with your family without feeling exhausted and out of breath. 

Attainable - Is this goal attainable? Do you believe its possible to achieve this goal? If not, then why is it your goal? Only have goals you truly believe you can attain, they may seem a bit far fetched but if you want it bad enough you can achieve it!! 

Realistic - Be honest with yourself, if you are a busy mum with small kids you probably won't have time to go to the gym for 2 hours everyday, so set a realistic goal of 1 hour 3 times a week, much more realistic isn't it and it doesn't seem as daunting to begin with. Set yourself goals that you know you can achieve and fit into your lifestyle

Timely - A goal should have an end date - using the "get fit" example, when do you want achieve this goal by, set a date and stick to it, saying "someday" means you can too easily put it off. Sign yourself up for that 5k race, tough mudder, or powerlifting competition NOW so that you have something and a date to work towards achieving your goal by. 

My 2016 Goals

I began 2016 by saying to myself my main goal for the year is to overcome my anxiety. This is a huge one for me, as over the past year it has progressively gotten worse, and I have had a couple of panic attacks that have really scared me, so I really wanted to focus on taking control of it this year.

I set myself smaller goals in order to help me achieve this main goal, the first goal was to meditate for 10 minutes everyday and so far I've stuck to that and have even invested in a year's subscription to a guided meditation app called Headspace. I am truly committed so made the plunge and paid for the entire year instead of the monthly subscription. Another small goal I set myself to achieve this goal was to drink at least 2 litres of water per day, which again I have done every single day so far (it's the 11th January today.. so doing well!). 

Adding a small goal that will help you to achieve your larger main goal each week is a great way to ensure you are consistently working on your goals, and it breaks the goal up into smaller manageable chunks making it seem much less daunting and much more achievable.

A few of my other goals for 2016 include:

1. Make at least 1 YouTube video per week!!! (saying this here so I'm accountable!!)

2. Read/listen to at least 1 educational/development book per month. (I've just finished listening to "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero on Audible and it was very good, would highly recommend it).

3. Be Happy!!!  - I want to be more in the moment, instead of constantly worrying about the future, I want to be present and happy in life right now, this very second.

4. Deadlift 120kg (currently 100kg)

5. Squat 100kg (currently 80kg)

If you need help reaching your health & fitness goals, and how to make them SMART, then sign up to my Online Coaching where I provide 6 and 12 week programmes tailored to YOU and YOUR goals, if your goal is to look damn good naked then thats cool, or if its just to be healthy and fit so you can be the best Mum to your kids then thats cool too, I'm here to help you achieve YOUR goals, not what I think your goals should be. I listen to you and what you want, and coach you in the steps you need to take to achieve those goals!

Sign up today! 

My Fitmas Gift Guide

Hey everyone!

I thought I would share a few of my top gifts that you can get for that fit chick in your life this Christmas. These are all things I either have myself or would love to receive as a gift. There is a variety of different gifts here and in all price ranges.

1. Gym Clothes 

My top brands for gym clothes are Nike and Gymshark. Every fit girl can always use another pair of squat proof leggings, and my favourites are Nike Legends or Gymshark Flex Leggings (they make the booty look awesome ;) )


2. Protein Bar Selection Box

The stocking filler for the Fit Girl, these are perfect as an extra little gift and are a great alternative to the traditional chocolate selection box. They can be purchased from


3. Bluetooth Headphone adapter

I got myself one of these little things and they are great for the gym, so you don't need to keep your phone in the side of your leggings or sports bra (sweaty gross mess....) This small little item connects wirelessly to your phone and you can clip it to your leggings or sports bra and forget its even there. 


4. Protein Powder

I would love if someone gave me protein powder as a present as its something that is pricey enough to buy for yourself and well you can never have enough.  My favourite flavours from MyProtein are chocolate orange, sticky toffee pudding, cinnamon danish and salted caramel. 


5. Fitbit Charge HR

This is a great watch to track your workouts and activity level if you're not ready to invest in something much pricier like an Apple Watch. The Fitbit Charge HR monitors your steps, sleep and heart rate throughout the day and throughout your workouts. I find it quite motivational, and if I can see I haven't been very active during the day, it will force me to get up off my ass and move about a bit more. 


6. Becoming a Supple Leopard book

This is any weight lifters guide to staying as mobile and functional as possible, it has every kind of stretch and exercise you could think of and is great for someone really looking to improve their knowledge of exercise. 


7. Nutri Bullet Blender

This will change the way you make protein shakes forever!!! I have to say I scoffed when my Mum came home with one but now I use it everyday and more than she does, it is a staple when it comes to making protein shakes taste amazing and like a milkshake! Once you've made one in  the Nutri Bullet with some ice and greek yogurt blended, you won't be able to go back to just making them in just a shaker cup. Any fit chick would love one of these!


8. Water Bottle

Every fit chick needs to keep hydrated and what better way to do that than with a nice water bottle thats trendy enough to carry in your handbag. 


9. Portable Digital Food Scales

I have one of these and it is amazing, small enough to fold into your handbag or to keep in your desk in work. For those who are seriously dedicated to that IIFYM life, and want to be able to weigh your food on the go. For those heading into a competition prep this would be an ideal gift as it would allow them to count and weigh meals on the go or in friend's houses,  or out at social engagements.


10. Online Coaching Plan

For the person who wants to get their health and fitness plan started in the New Year but doesn't know where to begin. Often people can be quite stingey when it comes to paying for their own health, so buying a plan for someone will help them make that first step into changing their life. I offer a variety of plans including PT sessions, nutrition and training programmes. 

We all need to eat cake sometimes...

Hey everyone,

I used to love baking and would bake something nice for the house nearly every week, but I’ve gotten out of the habit of it due to time and well I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible and having tasty delicious cookies and brownies lying around the house doesn’t exactly help matters. But today, I just got in the mood and I had some egg whites that needed to be used before their expiration date so decided on a Chocolate Marbled Angel Food cake. I have made this before and loved it, it is so light and airy and is a great alternative to other cakes as this cake contains no fat whatsoever!! It can be macro-friendly if you have a decent amount of carbs in your diet, or even if you were to have it as a treat it is delicious and very voluminous for the calories meaning you can have quite a big piece for an ok amount of calories.


Chocolate Marbled Angel Food Cake


Serves 12

500g O’Egg liquid egg whites (room temperature) – estimated about 12 large egg whites

185g self-raising flour

200g caster sugar

2 tsp vanilla extract

15g cocoa powder



1.     Preheat oven to 170c (fan). Make sure egg whites have been at room temperature for at least 30 minutes before attempting to whisk them, as they won’t be as voluminous if they are cold straight from the fridge.

2.     Whisk egg whites until soft peaks form, then gradually add in the sugar until stiff peaks form. Add in the vanilla extract and lightly beat again.

3.     Sieve the flour into a bowl.

4.    Divide the egg white and sugar mixture evenly into two bowls.

5.     Add 100g of the flour in two batches to one bowl of the egg white mixture, slowly folding in with a spatula, trying not to knock any air out of the egg whites.

6.     To the second bowl of egg white mixture add 85g flour and the 15g cocoa powder again in two batches, slowly folding in to keep as much air in the mixture as possible.

7.     Spoon in some of each of the plain and chocolate mixtures into an ungreased (yep trust me on this!!!) tube baking pan so alternating spoons as you will use a skewer to marble the mixes together to get that nice marbled effect. Continue like this until all the mixture is in the pan.

8.     Place the baking pan on a baking sheet (in case of overflow... no one wants to have to clean out the oven!!), and put in the oven for 35-40 minutes. Bake until the cake is golden and springs back when lightly pressed.

9.     Invert the pan and let the cake cool in the pan for 1 hour, when cooled, run a knife around the pan to release the cake.

Macros per slice (12 servings per cake) are 144 calories 0.5F/29C/6P (did you see the size of the slice you get for these macros... its huge!!!). It is a great little weekend, or evening treat or anytime treat really!!! Life is about balance and moderation and if you can't enjoy a slice of cake with your cup of tea on a rare occasion then what is life?!?!

If you make this recipe, please share on social media and tag me, I love when I see people making my recipes! 




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Your Life (And Your Sanity) Aren't A Limited-Time Offer

> A little about me <


Hello I’m Lucy!

 I'm extremely passionate about helping women ditch debilitating vicious circles in order to find true happiness within by guiding them towards a lifestyle that is honest, mindful, and enjoyable.

Why? Because I’ve done it myself! For over 15 years, I battled with self-catastrophic demons that almost took my life. Following a whole lot of soul-searching, truth telling and self-developing, I am now blessed to be in a position where I can educate, empower and inspire other women to do exactly the same!

Follow my continued journey and I promise you that together, we can achieve self-confidence, self-trust and self-love.


When Georgia asked me to put together a little guest post for you, it wasn’t all that hard because we share a lot of the same views within the world of health and fitness :)

One of them being that damn sexy word… moderation.

So let’s cut to the chase!

How often do we actually apply moderation to our lifestyles? That true, middle ground, the icky grey bit in the middle? That bit between the on/off, black/white, yes/no mentality to lifestyle?

The truth is… Not all that much!

All around us, every single day, we’re bombarded with extremism, with dogma, with a do/don’t list, a banned list, the magical meal plan, the miraculous exercise plan…

Unfortunately, this type of mindset induces a whole lot of anxiety and provokes feelings of guilt, panic and even shame around lifestyle choices. It encourages us to be engaged in a negative cycle of reward and punishment, beating ourselves for things we perceive matter when in the grand scheme of things, are completely insignificant. 

This type of mindset essentially prevents us from living a truly happy and fulfilled life cos we spend so much darn time fluctuating between the do and the don’t that we miss the fact we could have it all in the middle!

Do we need to have had issues and suffered from serious issues like eating disorders, food anxiety, body image, confidence etc in order to have a less than positive relationship with lifestyle choices? Absolutely not.

If I'm entirely honest and in my objective opinion as a health & lifestyle professional, I have very rarely come across women who have a completely emotionally-free relationship with their lifestyle habits.

Think about it.

How many times have you heard people talk of having not being able to stop at 4 squares of chocolate but rather end up gorging on the whole bar because ‘well I’ve messed up now anyway’. How many times have you heard ‘oh I best get to to gym cos I have to work off that bottle of wine’ or ‘hmm shouldn’t have that, I’ve heard it’s bad for you’.

It’s become so normal to be engaged in these type of conversations and to be exhibiting these types of behaviours that you’re in the minority when you make lifestyle choices that are emotionally liberating, free of anxiety, free of shame… and well because you want to rather than because you feel you have to.

So what can we actually DO to overcome worry, stress, anxiety and guilt surrounding our lifestyle choices, our eating habits, our exercise patterns?

Beat the BS

Whilst I support that we need to look internally and focus on ourselves as opposed to what others are saying and doing, I find that general misinformation and poor education is a huge driver in negative lifestyle habits. Once you are faced with cold, hard and indisputable facts and figures, you have nowhere to hide. You have no excuses left to give and no fallbacks for your flawed belief systems. Some common BS offenders include ‘sugar is bad for you’, ‘carbs after 6 make you fat’ and ‘it’s healthy, calories don’t matter’. Check Yo Facts!

Acknowledge there's no finish line

We get so caught up in the end 'result' of something that we start to put dates, timeframes and restrictions on ourselves before we’ve even overcome the first hurdle. Yes, it's great to have goals and to smash them, but what then? Do you go back to before or do you keep up what you did to get there? Try to think of lifestyle choices as a dimmer switch, a little project in the background that everyday you get better at rather than something that has an on/off button.

Realise that failure is flawed

That point where you have 2 biscuits but tell yourself 'ah whatever, I've messed up now, so I might as well have the whole pack'? It's flawed. It's wrong. You're wrong!!! Say this out loud - 'I HAVE FAILED/MESSED UP MY DIET BECAUSE I ATE 2 BISCUITS'. How ludicrous is it?! Failure implies a single event, a single moment in your life's history where you fucked up and made a mistake. Is eating 2 biscuits out of an average of over 80 meals a month really all that much a failure? It’s only a failure because you choose to give it value as that.Look at the bigger picture - when you look at the grand scheme of things, you start to realise what's important and what's not. Have the damn biscuit, enjoy it and move on.  You are more likely to binge on something if you sit and ponder and end up associating guilt with it - research has proven it time and time again. The chances are that once you accept 2 biscuits are not a big deal, you won't even care about the rest. Tesco and McVities aren't going anywhere  - they will ALWAYS be there and they will ALWAYS wanna make money. Life (and your sanity) however, aren't a limited time offer.

Invest in a coach

You may feel uneasy asking for help and you may even feel that you can do it yourself. But the question is, wouldn’t you already be doing it? I promise you, the ONLY way you are going to truly flourish is by learning off of someone who has done it and is currently doing it better than you. Not only is experience central to you getting the results that you want, but it also acts as a short cut. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to? We can learn directly off each others’ mistakes!

If you want to read more about Lucy, check out her Facebook page here.

It's Fajita Time!!!

Hey Everyone!

I've come up with a recipe for my own Fajita/Taco spice mix, so no packets required so none of the added sugar or cornflour that a lot of packet mixes have! This is virtually calorie free!! It is great sprinkled on chicken before baking and even in stir fries as well as the obvious Fajitas and Tacos. I use about 1/2 Tbsp of the mix per person when making Fajitas or Tacos.



1 Tbsp dried garlic

1 Tbsp ground cumin

1/2 Tbsp salt

1/2 Tbsp pepper

1/3 Tbsp ground ginger

1 Tbsp smoked paprika

1/2 Tbsp chilli (add more if you like things SPICY!!)

I used this fab mix in my latest YouTube video, so if you want to see the spice mix in action, make sure to check it out here.

Enjoy and tag me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook if you use this recipe! I love seeing people making my recipes!! 

The Pumpkin Spice Latte Craze!

Hi everyone!

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are all the rage these days, but they are full of calories and sugar!! I have made my own pumpkin pie spice that can be added to coffee, protein shakes, oats, in cakes, whatever you want!! This recipe makes enough for a small tin, each serving in coffee or oats is less than 1 Tsp, so this should last you the season!

Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix


2 Tbsp Ground Cinnamon

1 Tbsp Ground Ginger

1 Tsp Allspice

1 Tsp Ground Nutmeg

I have made my own Protein Pumpkin Spice Latte Frappuchino using this spice mix and it tastes just like the Starbucks version but with much better macros!!


1 scoop whey (I used MyProtein Cinnamon Danish)


1 tsp of the Pumpkin Pie Spice



Just blend all the ingredients together in a blender and enjoy!!


Starbucks Tall Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte: 

200 cals 0F/38C/11P of which 37g SUGAR!!!

Protein Pumpkin Spice Latte (made with 150ml skimmed milk): 

154 cals 2F/9C/25P

Pumpkin Pie Spiced Oats!!

Chicken Fried Rice

Hi everyone!!

Today's recipe is for Chicken Fried Rice (the macro friendly version)! This is such a simple recipe, especially if you already have some chicken and rice cooked (or even the bags of microwave rice are perfect)! Of course all ingredients and amounts can be adjusted to suit your macro needs so you can use more/less rice, chicken, eggs, egg whites or even switch up the veggies! 


(Serves 1)

150g cooked basmati rice

50g cooked chicken breast

1 Whole Egg


O'Egg Liquid Egg Whites

Spring Onions



Soy Sauce


Olive Oil


1. Pan fry the spring onion, peppers and broccoli in a non-stick pan with a little bit of olive oil or non-stick cooking spray. 

2. Whisk the whole egg and egg whites together and scramble in the pan with the veggies. Once that is cooked add the chicken, cooked rice, soy sauce and garlic and stir fry for about 5 minutes until the rice and chicken are warmed through.

3. Enjoy!!

MACROS: 434cals 48C|13F|34P