I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. At my heaviest I was 14 stone. In my mid-twenties I was at my most fit. Now, at 35, I am finally regaining that. In February 2014, at 12 st 2 lbs, the weight was creeping back on and I thought enough was enough, I wasn't going back there. I decided to do something about it and change my lifestyle. I began with a detox, some Pilates, onto circuit classes, Slimming world, and then joined Crossfit in January of 2015. In this time I had lost just under a stone, was training three to four nights a week and eating healthily. As I thought. I was becoming disheartened because I felt I was putting in so much effort but not getting results, which was really frustrating.

I became more active on my Instagram account and realised there's a whole community out there on the same quest! I discovered #macros #iifym #irishfitfam and was interested in finding out more. I couldn't understand the whole macro counting and kept searching and clicking on tagged accounts. 

Enter Georgia Hickey! I came across Georgia's account and followed her daily posts. It was so inspiring to see her dedication to her fitness and nutrition. Eventhough her nutrition was great, she also still had the foods she loved......and treats!!! After a couple of months, Georgia announced she was taking online clients, offering macro coaching, and I jumped at the opportunity. 

I haven't looked back since. I've had ups and downs along the way, and yet I've managed to reach my goals. Georgia has taught me that as long as you give your body exactly what it needs to perform optimally, it will respond with great results. It's all about balance, and feeding your body the right amount of each macro nutrient. Checking in once a week with Georgia gave me the discipline I needed to take stock of my week and see the results it brought. It is a great incentive when you notice those numbers consistently reducing each week. 

Georgia is knowledgeable, encouraging, and supportive - all these things are essential in a coach. After six months of Georgia's coaching I had achieved more than I had in the previous year and a half, which is incredible. I wish I had discovered macro counting earlier in life but better late than never, right?!

We are all struggling to be our best, but all you should ever hope to be is BetterThanYesterday, and with Georgia's help you certainly will be.  

I would highly recommend Georgia to anybody that is looking for some extra support in achieving their goals, or gaining some knowledge in sports nutrition, training, and all things macros! 

I am in no way finished with my journey, but Georgia has given me the tools I need to get to where I want to be. 

- Ann

I just wanted to say that I'm sure I'm not very successful in terms of visible differences or measurements compared to your other clients!  But I was thinking about these things this morning when I was at the gym and here are the reasons I'm so happy I signed up for your program,. 

  • Exercise is part of my life now, when I couldn't exercise because of my wisdom teeth I didn't feel guilty I just felt disappointed, in my book there's a huge difference between those things.
  • I'm no longer afraid of the gym thanks to you! 
  • I no longer care about my weight I just want to exercise and eat well consistently, what happens with the scales doesn't bother me anymore
  • Although macro counting isn't for me I'm much more aware of the importance of protein and balancing my meals better
  • I'm no longer afraid of carbs!
  • My alcohol intake is way down, I've had three drinks total since New Years Eve, this time last year I was averaging about 10 drinks a week

- Marian

I started macro coaching with Georgia 12 weeks ago and these are the before and after pictures. I told Georgia I wanted to gain lean muscle and she had me eating even more than I was before, just the right way! I still enjoyed my nights out and cheat meals, but you need to find what works for you! I'm very strict with my diet and exercise programme during the week and at the weekends I can enjoy myself (within reason). Eat well and train hard.

- Anthony


After years of being on diets and having a negative relationship with food I decided to try macro tracking but had no idea where to start. With the help of Georgia in 12 weeks I have gained some necessary healthy weight, reverse dieted and become so much stronger in the gym. Each week I've seen progress! I no longer want to binge eat or restrict, I feel in control and already have a much better relationship with food. I've gone from eating around 1000calories a day to almost 2000 with very little impact and I now eat carbs!!

Within the 12 weeks I've had meals out and a holiday and feel I look better than I did before. Georgia helped me every step of the way and no question was too big or small. I'm still a way off where I want to be but I'm so grateful to Georgia for helping me start my new lifestyle

- Steph