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Want to Kickstart your healthy habits and really learn more about fuelling your body, training smartly and with good form so you can change your body and mind to be the best version of you??

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  • Have you been stuck in your life, not seeing the results you want? Yes, then this is for you!!
  • Get the results you want by working with me, I've been in your shoes, I've been the girl who was scared of lifting weights, who ate crap and felt crap but finding a sustainable balance has been the best thing to ever happen to me!
  • You will finally get control of your nutrition,  you will receive an extensive guide on nutrition covering everything from counting macros, forming healthy habits and educating you so that you are in control always!
  • Are you sick of fad diets? Starting over every Monday?  Want to finally have a plan in place that is easy to stick to, doesn't cut out your favourite foods and that you can still go out to eat, have the pizza, the dessert and the glass of wine? 
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  • Never lifted weights before? No gym or equipment? No problem, there are videos of every single exercise you will perform and there are 2 versions of the programme. The HOME version and the GYM version. 
  • Get your body melting that body fat and building lean muscle mass so you can get the body you've always dreamed of. It is possible, you just have to make the decision to change!
  • Join a group of like-minded women who have the same goals and aspirations in life as you.
  • Get your mindset where it needs to be, you have to first change the inner you before you can change the outer you.
  • I have developed extensive mindset, motivation and goal setting lessons that you will complete so you can have that strong mindset you desire.

Are you ready to make the change, and really see those changes happen?  



I understand now how macros work and why I'm eating certain foods and how much of each. Before I was just following a meal plan now I can make changes myself and not have to worry about hindering progress because I understand how to incorporate things now! The plan moving forward is to keep learning and educating myself and most importantly just enjoying the process! The content Georgia puts out is amazing there's so much information out there to try and wrap your head around and she makes it easy, the last 28 days has been fab gals!

- Rebecca

After years of yo yoing up and down from other slimming groups and being obsessed with counting "points", I can finally say I understand nutrition a lot better. From eating so little to the point where I was starving and then binge eating in the evenings, to now where I have managed to work a bar of dark chocolate into my food most days! Also learned that routine and non complex food plans are not only important but also are not boring.
But for me overall I think the biggest mindset shift has been not to just focus on the scales and weight. 
Simple steps for a happier and healthier relationship with food!

- Emma

I must say I have loved every second of this! I have managed to do 4 workouts per week since we began and I'm doing exercises I normally would never have done before, as before I would have just gone on the treadmill (if I even went at all). So I've loved learning from the videos on the app and this group about how to do certain exercises correct without injury. I've learned about macros and what my body needs and that's something I can carry for the rest of my life so I'm thankful for that and I can't wait to learn about the carb/fat ratio in phase two. Mostly what I've taken away from this is a different attitude, I recently had an experience that previously would have sent me straight to the biscuit tin, when I bought some clothes for my hen party online and they all looked crap on me lol!! The old me would have just said "feck it, I'm destined to be big or what's the point" but actually I decided I wasn't going to let that stop my progress so I've kept a couple of pieces and will aim to wear them in public in a couple of months. That's a big deal for me. I've also gained muscle visibly in my arms and that makes me so happy because I know my insides are changing and ultimately I want to be healthy. Finally I think I've learned to trust the process and know that my body will reward me if I fuel it correctly.

- Louise

I enjoyed this 28 day plan more than any other plan I've done (I've done two others). I learned that I can eat foods from all categories so long as they are accounted for. Most importantly for me, I learned that protein really does keep you fuller for longer and it is much easier to go to the gym with a plan in mind. I can see and feel the result of the gym plans in my legs and arms. 

- Ciara

I learned the real meaning of a 'lifestyle change'.. it's a phrase that is used so much but being able to have foods that you really enjoy and not feel restricted makes for a completely different process. I learned how little the scales mean. They're only a tiny tiny part of the journey. I know I wasn't eating anywhere near the amount of protein that I should've been and how important it is.

- Sandra

The pasty 28 days have truly been an eye opener! I've learnt how to FUEL my body to help it function in many ways i.e. Training, focus for college which has improved tremendously over the past month down to changing my nutrition habits! And how to give my body what it NEEDS not what I feel like eating! I've learnt how to incorporate healthier choices into my everyday lifestyle, making it easier to stay on plan when meeting with friends, I now know how to allow myself the freedom to still go out for meals and not be restricting myself so much that I don't enjoy it! But being able to make healthier options when in the situation. I've also learnt the times eating different foods suit my body, before training, breakfast etc.. I know for the future I'm going to carry on these healthy choices because I WANT TO! I feel so much better in myself & about how I look. Feeling good is always my number 1 priority (even without any weight changes) as this motivates me more to keep going, so I put this down to my food, over the last 28 days I have felt the best I have in years after endlessly yo-yoing on stupid "diets" so I know I'll be more than capable to carry this on with me in the future.
And another factor that will encourage me to continue this journey is that it works so well with my college life! I'm capable of food prepping and have all my lunches in order so I don't snack on things from the shop, the workouts are also perfect in the college gym and it has helped me become more focused on my work and everything has seemed to fall into place around it. Thanks for the guidance and inspiration Georgia!

- Aoibheann

Biggest thing I have learned in the last 28 days is about nutrition. At the very beginning the amount of calories I could eat based on my weight and height scared the be Jaysus out of me! Old habits die hard and I couldn't shake the feeling that I should be eating less and working out more, even though in the past this never ever worked for me. I'm so glad I have finally come to terms with that, before I did terrible damage to my metabolism. My habit of jumping on the scales every day has definitely been put to a stop as well! After the first week I was getting into the habit of preparing things for the next day every evening, which definitely made life easier. I learned that the best way to stay on track was to put everything into my fitness pal towards the start of the week. I plan to bring everything I have learnt forward with me. One of the best things I have learned is that healthy living is a way of life and actually isn't to hard to stick to once you put the effort in and remember your long term goal. Georgia I actually can not thank you enough for everything you have done. You have actually helped me to change my life. I have so much more energy and I'm just happier in myself which friends and family are beginning to notice

- Kara

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